Car System Sprautuspartl 1,5kg.

5.538 kr.

For filling uneven surfaces, sanding traces and pore bubbles on bodywork parts, both in the area of cars and lorries and also in vehicle construction and repair.

Spray is a 2 comp. polyester spray putty that is easy to sand. It has good adhesive properties to metal, wood, polyester puttied areas and GRP parts. It is for filling smaller and larger uneven areas. It dries up rapidly and produces a pore-free surface.

To guarantee paintwork does not build bubbles even in unfavourable weather conditions, it is absolutely essential to apply an insulating layer of at least 35 μ before the top coat is applied. For this purpose use acrylic thick-film fillers (2-component), EP fillers, which must not be sanded through again.

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