Örtrefjaklútur Þurrk/Bón extra mjúkur 1000 gsm 38×45 cm

1.590 kr.

The quality of this product is 1000 grams/square coral fleece fabric, single bar towel weighs about 160 grams. positive for yellow, as opposed to green, can wipe a variety of different colors on both sides place more convenient for you to use. products have a delicate touch is soft, absorbent, lint, and other characteristics.

Coral fleece imported ultrafine DTY fiber as raw material for production. compared with other textiles, its merit is particularly evident: enclosed is a soft, delicate, lint, and absorbent.

Soft: fine monofilament fiber, flexural modulus is small, so the fabric has outstanding softness.

Coverage well: due to the high fiber density, specific surface area, thus covering well.

Taking good: as the fiber has a larger surface area, which has a high wicking and breathability, comfort to stain the good: as the fabric soft and snug with the wipe object, which has very good cleaning effect.

Optics: due to large specific surface area, fiber Assembly surface light reflection of difference, so the fibers, fabrics, elegant, soft color.

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